Bikram Yoga


This is where we all started. You should too. Maybe you've heard about Bikram Yoga before in the news, or from a friend. This is a traditional, complete, hatha yoga system designed to move your body through it's complete range of motion. The heat acts as a fascilitator to warm your muscles and help you gently stretch deeper into your body. Benefits include but are not limited to improving your range of motion, strengthening your muscles, increasing your lung capacity and overall fitness level while balancing the systems in your body. 


Yin Yoga


If you need a break from life, Yin is the place to do this! Completely opposite from our two major class offerings, in Yin you learn to slow down your breathing, expand your body-awareness and go inside one posture, one breathe at a time. This class is a little cooler, and less humid than the above classes. If you want to start experiencing some of the great benefits of yoga and are a little intimidated by hot yoga, start here. 


Inferno Hot Pilates


This class is a high-intensity low-impact interval training system combined with Pilates principals. If you're short on time and results-oriented this class is for you! We've got good beats and a club-like atmosphere to keep you moving and groovin' the whole 60 minutes! The heat is a few degrees lower than our regular hot yoga classes. This class focuses mostly on working your core muscles and the last 30 minutes is spent on muscle toning, conditioning, and full-range-of-motion exercises to keep  your joints and muscles healthy and mobile! Suitable for all fitness levels, work at your own pace and learn to love the person you see in the mirror (aka YOU)!

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