Bikram Yoga & Inferno hot pilates

Breanna started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2006. She completed her Bikram Yoga teacher training in the Fall of 2008. After moving to Red Deer in 2012, she continued teaching and eventually went to Boise, Idaho to get trained as an Inferno Hot Pilates teacher! Breanna is passionate about health and fitness, and loves learning from her students and watching people transform their bodies and their minds! 



Bikram yoga

Completed TT in Spring 2013.



Inferno hot pilates

From the very first time I heard the word 'Yoga' I knew it was going to play an important role in my life. I started practicing asana at the age of 8. After graduating high school I told myself if I wasn't going to be an Artist, I would be involved in fitness. Well, it turns out I get to do both. Fast forward to college years; 2010 in art school where I met the lovely Miss Jordyn who was working at the local Bikram Yoga studio here in Red Deer. She told me to come try a class during a Free Weekend and I was hooked! I found my yoga home. I came both days of the Free Weekend and even won a prize from the studio owner for holding Toe Stand the longest out the the new students. I applied for the volunteer program and have been with this studio ever since. After working at and managing the studio for some time it was my turn to teach, something. Yoga training was out of the question (for now) due to its high cost, so when the studio decided to bring in the hottest new exercise class, I was eager to volunteer and get trained up. Not knowing what we were getting ourselves into we traveled to Boise, Idaho to take our Inferno Hot Pilates training, and fell in love all over again. Its hot, its hard, but damn, you sure get results. I started teaching the following month. I love my yoga practice and I love my IHP workout and I love this studio and the community that surrounds it. I can't wait to see you in the hot room! 



bikram yoga & Inferno hot pilates

In March to 2013 I walked through the doors of Bikram Yoga Red Deer for my first Bikram Yoga class. I had been hearing about this yoga for about 5 years and finally, I made the decision to try it. I had no idea, that day, how much my life was going to change. From that first class, I was hooked... It was hard, it was challenging and it was exactly what I needed!

During my first year I got stronger, more flexible, I became more emotionally balanced and most importantly, I found self-love and self-worth through hard work in the hot room.

Another thing that happened during my first year of practice was my decision to become a Bikram Yoga teacher. It had become a passion and the calling was quite loud, so in September of 2014 I traveled to Thailand to attend Teacher Training.

Since earning my certificate I have taught in both Canada and the United Sates, and hope to do more traveling and teaching in my "retirement years". I am eternally grateful for my current teaching position at the Red Deer studio where my yoga journey began. As our studio has grown, I have grown too and in October of 2016 I broadened my teaching field and became an Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor. This has been a welcome addition to my teaching portfolio and I truly enjoy teaching both modalities of fitness/wellness to our inspiring community of students. This journey of mine didn't start until I was 49 years old, soo..., as Bikram says "Never too late, never too old, never too bad and never too sick, to start from scratch once again".



Completed TT Fall 2016.



Bikram yoga

I began my practice in October 2011 and finally went to teacher training in the Fall of 2017. I love this practice, it has helped me grow and change with all the phases and stages of my life. I teach because I want to share this yoga practice with others. In my classes I want students to work hard and have fun, to keep them coming back and growing and learning about themselves and this yoga!




I started my young adult life with many severe spinal injuries that led me to research a variety of things...body works, therapies, techniques and healing methods etc that could eventually improve my quality of life in the future.

I spent a lot of time, money, and energy finding out what worked for me best...because i wanted results!!!

As soon as I started Bikram Yoga at our amazing studio in Red Deer, I knew i made an important discovery. After my first few classes, i knew i was on the path to healing. It was pretty instantaneous; i felt benefits right away!!! The positive effects were growing and my pains were disappearing surprisingly fast.

My desire to share this precious discovery with the world is easy to explain, it arose naturally out of my passion for the practice.

Turning my life around to make Bikram Yoga a priority for myself and my community is certainly the best decision i have ever taken so far in my life!!!

Completed TT in Fall 2017.



yin YOGA

Completed TT in Fall 2017.



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