It's January and Breanna wrote a blog...

...Also we're in the Advocate Marketplace!

Our first post of 2018!

Wow, we would like to thank all of our students (and new visitors) who came through our doors last weekend in support of our Free Weekend event! We received numerous wonderful testimonials from you, and we are going through them right now. Most will be posted somewhere here on our website (I will link to these once they're up) and on our social media accounts throughout the year! It's always such a privilege to watch how you change and transform class after class, but hearing how our classes and the studio has affected you in your own words never ceases to surprise and delight us. 

In other news, the Red Deer Advocate to be precise, we are featured content this week and for the next 5 weeks! Check in each Monday for a new article about health/fitness and more. While we specialize here in hot and warm yoga and pilates classes, we understand not every body is going to resonate with working out this way. However you choose to move, it is important to stay motivated and keep your goals (aka WHY you are working out in the first place) in the forefront of your mind. Be specific when you are coming up with them, and find a friend/family member/co-worker/gym buddy/forum who can HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE. When I say accountable, I mean someone who has your best intentions in mind. Someone who wants you to be the very-best-version-of-yourself, and will remind you why you started (goals), encourage you to keep going "I know you missed your morning run, so why don't you squeeze in a quick power walk during your lunch break and then you'll feel good about joining us all for an after-work drink" and who will celebrate your successes with you!

Also, watch out for naysayers who might try and hold you down in your "comfort zone". I think most of us have been there--we have that friend who says to us "Wow, three days in a row? You're going a little hard, don't you think? Doesn't your body need a rest day? Why don't you give yourself a day off and come out with us?" We wake up the next morning all tired and irritated with the world, drink 5 coffees, miss a workout and then give up entirely because "I failed." Or maybe the "friend" who suggested taking a day off was you. As humans we are masters of self-sabotage and holding ourselves back, and staying "comfortable". The problem is, nothing really great ever happens there. Ask yourself every. single. day. "How much do I want 'X'." If you want it bad enough, you will take action and eventually your choices will become easier, as your turn your choices and new actions into habits. 

This article says what I want to in a much more concise way. Check it out and Like us on Facebook and Instagram. Go Like and follow to the wonderful people over at the Advocate, who made this possible. And sign up for the challenge. And believe in yourself, G*$&*MN IT!

Our 30 Day Challenge is beginning this week (Wednesday the 24th) you can check out our events page for more information.